About Us

About Us

Tradition, Innovation, and Community-Driven Excellence

Vick Insurance Group’s enduring legacy traces its roots back 34 years to 1987, when Linda Vick Dykstra first founded the agency. Today, under the dedicated leadership of Stephen Vick, alongside the invaluable contributions of his sons, Hunter and Garrett Vick, we’ve seamlessly transitioned into a thriving third-generation agency servicing 6 states to-date.

Our commitment goes beyond innovation; it’s rooted in a deep connection to the community we serve. As a testament to this unwavering commitment, we proudly hold membership in the esteemed national network of independent agents known as the Strategic Independent Agents Alliance.

Driven by technology, we adapt effortlessly to the ever-evolving insurance landscape. We appreciate the unique challenges modern insurance presents and are equipped to address them effectively.

Core Values:

  • Positive: We begin each day with a can-do attitude, infusing optimism into everything we do.
  • Do the Right Thing: ┬áDoing what’s right, even when it’s not easy, is fundamental to our mission.
  • Coach-able: We’re dedicated to continual growth and improvement, valuing feedback as a key driver of our progress.
  • Focus and Disciplined: Our unwavering focus and discipline ensure swift and effective service, meeting our clients’ needs with precision.
  • Connected to Our Community: We actively engage in making our local environment a better place, recognizing its vital importance to the well-being of all.

Core Focus:

At Vick Insurance Group, our primary goal is to safeguard your lifestyle through insurance made simple. Count on us to protect your assets, loved ones, and livelihood with tailored solutions that make insurance accessible and straightforward. We’re not just insurance providers; we’re active community members, dedicated to enhancing and supporting our local environment.

Join us on our journey as we blend the best of tradition with a forward-looking, innovative spirit, marking the next chapter in our agency’s history, all while placing our community at the heart of everything we do.